What material can I use to make stencil for a sign

Hi Everyone. I am new to the community and I searched to see if I could find this answer. I have a customer who wants me to create a stencil of his logo so it can be painted on a cupola. It really only needs to be used once, but I want to make sure it doesn’t rip or cause issues for the painter. it’s a pretty large size too. he needs it to be 27 inches x 47 Inches, but I was able to separate the sections of the logo to make that work fine. What do you think I should use to accomplish this task?

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Check out mylar posts, that’s generally the go to for stencils.

You could also cut it from polyester film if it needs to be sticky (applying to a wall, or very high detail requirements. Oracal makes polyester “vinyl”. Just be sure not to cut PVC-based adhesive “vinyl”, as cutting PVC is dangerous for your machine.

Mylar search:

Oracal “vinyl” search:


For the one-time application you describe, I recommend using a cheap vinyl cutter (Cricut or Silhouette) and contact paper (shelf liner).

The GF is fantastic, but that doesn’t make it the best tool for every job.


Exactly opposite interpretation here: It’s a one-off, use the tool you have and buy cheap materials.

It’s more expensive to get a cutter and whatnot. You’d be better off getting it cut at a sign shop if you just want to do the one and be done. I’d still do mylar or oracal polyester.

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Depending on how sharp of an edge you need, and how you’re doing the painting - cardboard works pretty well.

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I’m with @linefeed on this, use cardboard…