What paint can I use to paint like wood products and laser on top of?

Hi i was just wondering what kind of paint I can use safely to paint on wooden boards and be able to laser on top of. Thanks

Acrylic is always good. But better to paint after the fact, not before.


I use acrylic spay paint all the time. It does dirty up the machine quite a bit, so I wouldn’t be running painted stuff 24/7, but I’ve had no issues doing pre-painted stuff. (If you go the spray-paint route, I recommend a good quality paint with lots of pigment, like the stuff made for graffiti paint. I use “Ironlak” paint from Hobby Lobby, but there are others that are just as good.)


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Ok that’s great thank you.

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Yea, This is interesting, I was thinking about trying to ‘tye dye’ wood then GFing on it… get some cool effects

I experimented with lasering stained wood, that seems to work ok…


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cough cough @shogun cough cough

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I have had good luck with UltraDye and lasering fractal images on boxes:

This was my original post:


OMG OMG Those are so awesome!!!