What programs does glowforge use

Okay, I’m still new here. Still trying to read, read, read, learn, read learn.
Im lost, not sure how to Cut a design? Is there a program u use for cutting? I have printed out designs no problem. I just do not understand where or how the cutting comes into play.

Any assistance would be great. Everything I have read in here seems like a wonderful support team.

Thank you,
Patty C

Greetings and welcome, Patty!

Have you worked through the “first prints” tutorials, yet? If not, that’s really a good place to start:


People use all sorts of different software to create designs. The actual cutting is handled by the web-based Glowforge User Interface (GFUI), which also has some basic design functions:


Here are some more common “getting started” topics:

The Made on Glowforge forum category is for sharing things you create with your Glowforge and, requires a project shared in the first post of any thread. I am moving this to the Everything Else category for you.


Many Glowforge owners use Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Design to create files. There are lots of posts in the forum regarding each program. The thing to know at the most basic level is that the Glowforge cuts or scores vector lines. In the design program, you can make different parts of a design different colors. The Glowforge recognizes that colors are differentiating information and therefore you can cut or score different file segments. Engraves are filled shapes, and using colors again separates different engraves. This sounds more confusing than it is. Work through the First Three Prints and read the Common Problems/Questions referenced above and you will be well on your way.


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