What should I make for halloween with my Glowforge? I have a candy/toy slot machine to dispense stuff


I made a “slot machine” where trick-or-treaters insert some of their candy, pull the handle, and get back different candy, more candy, or toys:

I’ve been racking my brain trying to think up of some thing I could mass-produce on the GF as a give-away. I like the idea of converting some amount of kid’s candy into toys/trinkets, and the kids I know love this idea.

What could I make? Have any ideas? The best I can come up with is a little articulated skeleton, or ghoulish severed hand “milagro charms”… Help!


The confetti would be awesome, cheap, and easy :slight_smile:


Totally cute idea! (Yours will be the house that everyone stops off at.) :smile:


This is a cool idea. Also now you have turned Halloween into a revenue stream, if Reese’s are your currency :slight_smile:


Probably true.
There was a house that piled kids onto a couch and took a picture, then you moved to the next room and a slideshow of last years pictures was being thrown on a screen.
You would stare at the screen until you spotted yourself last year, then give a shout and off you go to collect candy.
Cheap and campy, but was an interesting gimmick and always the first place to go to on Halloween

We stared at a screen for nothing, so I imagine the kids love your slot machine, even if all it gave was wooden ghosts.


What about some sort of fortune or inspiring word on a Halloween shape? Like a Zoltan machine vibe.


Yeah! Since there’s a clown theme to the machine, maybe it dispenses JOKES.


Well not exactly a revenue stream, because the machine always pays out 1:1. In some cases kids get candy turned into toys/trinkets. In jackpot situations they win back handfuls of handy deposited by previous kids. But I do sneak away and put aside the occasional snicker bar which I love.


No no, the house always wins! You gotta teach these kids about the evils of gambling :slight_smile:


I bet the kids will love that!


Not if you’re the house.


I love the joke idea! You could make them the cheesy Halloween jokes we hear every year.

“Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?
A: He didn’t have the guts!”


Which room in the house do skeletons stay away from?
The living room.


Why does a skeleton when it spins?


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