What songs will Glowforge play?

This laser cutter plays the Super Mario Brother theme.



That’s pretty fantastic.


Should be possible to get the notes. But not sure if we would be able to control the timing for pauses between notes without being able to upload direct G-Code

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Plus that laser cutter had a z axis that created the bass line. You can see the camera get lower and lower as the song plays.


It would be better if it was actually cutting/engraving… but pretty cool.

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I was thinking if they turned the laser on while it was doing that, slowly moving in the Y axis, it would have drawn something squigly and interesting.


It would likely not look so amazing. Mostly straight lines going back and forth across one another. Hopefully some angles, couldn’t tell if they used the Y axis (don’t have a good ear for music, so no clue how many notes played at once, other than more than 1 sometimes).

And of course it is likely that if running the laser they would run the air assist and extraction, which would make it hard to hear the motors.

(but yes… it would be awesome to make a cut that not only sounds cool, but also looks cool)


I would happily sacrifice a pice of mdf just to do it

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Reminds me of the Honda Civic Music Road in Lancaster, CA


That’s some serious nerd cred.

Hahah!!! These are amazing.

How annoying would that be after the first ten seconds of play!

The process is really rather simple. Just need to convert a song to the appropriate number of notes to match your hardware. Then a bit of MIDI conversion later …


Since you have practical experience, I think we all expect you to share with us how to do this with our Glowforges when they get here. I suppose that if we have no means of doing this sort of “out-of-the-box,” you should probably take advantage of the GPL’d firmware and create something custom. Warranty be damned.

Not planned for the shipping version, but I know our own @matt loaded some chiptunes into an early Glowforge prototype…


Does @matt want to make some friends?!

That would certainly be a fun little Easter egg.


That would be… AWESOME!

Imagine, your Glowforge arrives with a pre-loaded “Sample Cut” on the web interface (for any first time log-in/registration). This is a nice simple Glowforge Logo coaster or something.

But… there is a chiptune “Duh duh da duh da da! Charge!” right before everything fires up…


I just dusted off an old makerbot cupcake I had sitting around and got it working again this morning. I was printing off a part and low and behold it started playing a pretty cool tune. I immediately thought of this thread!


that wouldn’t play in my browser, but it let me download and play on my desktop…

I really dig the seven-note bass-line as the head works it’s way around the ‘point’ of the heart from screen-right to screen-left. Might have to sample it if I ever get back around to playing with audio.:grin: