What to do with this accidential find solid maple strips

I like it some type of angles or off sets have it worked like you see some flowering that has angles at 45 or 90 making diamonds ill pass it along


Here is your massive plywood…

The Smile - Cross Laminated Timber (plywood)


Tulip grows like mad. I have a bunch of two inch slabs 10 foot long and two foot wide drying in a barn. Should be ready by next summer. Massive table tops and bases.


When I was 13 years old, I made a solid maple clock. Simple design, just glued up strips of maple then cut out a square with rounded corners, planed the face and stuck a clock movement in it. 27 years later now, my dad still has it hanging on the wall and it works. It fits his home well, being a loghouse!

What about a chess board? Stain the alternating strips a darker color then glue it all up.


I could turn a few pens out of a piece !

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I just happened to be making a maple cutting board. This is the perfect wood for this.


Very nice layout! Perfect for cutting boards.


Some of The best workbenches have maple tops laminate them all together for a great work bench top


he loved the bar top idea unfortunately he has no bar to build for him self or the family and it would be a faux pas to use the wood from the shop on a side job if he where to get contracted to do a basement… But… I had planned on using my L computer desk for the gf… Maybe him and I can build a nice gf table or cart work bench



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You could make a bonfire ! (BUT DON’T !!!):scream:

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FUBAR or faux pas?


I love maple. It engraves magnificently, and cuts incredibly well (if you can thin it a bit). I made my mom a laser-engraved maple cutting board that was much treasured…


Ya I like cutting boards as well but that’s kind of old hat for him doing a few dozen a year so he is looking for something different

Anyway thank you all for the suggestions


Because you made that for her, there was not another on the planet that would rival it.

My mother passed in '89, but her love still lingers.
Around age 4 I learned flowers were a symbolic gift for girls.
I would run into the house and proudly thrust my little fist out, full of dandelion, clover and any other little weed flowers I could gather.
She would smile so big, put them in water and display them like they were roses.

For those of you fortunate enough to still have her in your life, take full advantage, because that treasure won’t last, and you will wonder how you let all of the opportunities slip away.


Saw these table tops at the Boulevard Beer Halll in KCMO. Always thinking Glowforge


My brother has decided on going with a end grain butcher block table. I go over tonight to start the glue up. most likely going to be a 4 leg 2 shelf with hang hooks under the table. the table will be end grain hopefully 6 inch thick butcher surface. hopefully I get some good pictures tonight for the glue up … and of course the obligatory clamp picture because every wood worker appreciates a clamp up picture


Clamp up picture? Yes please!


82 Clamps (ran out of clamps), 144 glue seems , 164 boards (53 more to do), 480 liner feet of gluing

the cutting block is going to be 24x24x10

the sections are in the 22+ length right now and will be cut down to 10 inch slabs then then all glued up again. this is the first of many a glue up still to come


What glue did you use?