What to put the Glowforge on?


You may want to look at this thread as well.


Dan has said they just use Ikea tables around the glowforge offices. I’ve never been there, but I’m told you can mix and match some of the table tops and legs.


And if you re-consider a diy solution, look at this:


Able to support at least 80 lbs.
No wobble (casters might be a problem if they don’t lock)

Beyond The Basics:
Draws to hold all your stuff
Shelves to hold all your stuff


I got this, but it’s overkill. I needed a new desk/workbench. Delivery guys weren’t too happy, it weighs close to 200lbs.

I also have this underneath it, great for material storage.


Things to consider: height of the table for comfort when opening the lid and loading and unloading the material.

Sound resonance: some tables might naturally amplify the harmonics of the Glowforge fans and other things, so an isolation mat and other things to dampen sound might be in order.

Wheels are a plus for flexibility but could be an issue if they aren’t locking casters. The movement of the head can be pretty strong at times.

Room for the exhaust hose out the back and ensure bottom is clear for ventilation. and then adaptable for a filter if that is going to be used.

Here’s a good discussion including reference to a Homeless Despot tool cabinet.


I am using a 40-year old steel office desk from the local university surplus. $15 was a steal for all that steel.
The Harbor Freight/Home Depot toolbox is lovely; but I like the 36" height of a standard office desk. I have kids, and their ability to participate is pretty great at that height.
Any desk or table that strong enough with a big enough footprint.


Anyone know what happened to the GF-specific flatpack table hat someone here was looking at producing?

Because of space constraints I will probably be going with this from Lowe’s. It’s not my first choice, but I don’t quite have space for a more standard sized 41" cabinet where the GF is going, and I want it on a tool chest for the casters & drawers.



This one?


Ah - no this one from @tom (I guess I could have searched earlier…)



this is my exact setup, minus gf!


I bought this kit.



Here’s what I’m using:

It’s actually a TV stand/cart on casters. I first mentioned it here:

The reason I wanted such a low table is that when I put the filter under it, the height will be just what I want it to be (about 33"). I really didn’t want to have to stand on my tippy-toes to work in the machine if I put the whole thing on a table of standard height.

It’s working great at this height, even without the filter. I can sit in a chair and watch the laser, which is pretty nice.


That looks very cool, sort of like something out of Frankenstein’s lab. With a few Tesla Coils the good Doctor would be jealous.


This is a big factor in my considerations for what type of stand I get. It needs wheels, needs to be low enough for me (short person) to access easily once the filter comes … and also needs to be too tall to get smacked or knocked around by doggy tails.


Here when I next have a chance. I plan on building a two shelf rolling caddy. The top will have a footprint just barely oversized for the GF itself, then the shelf below will be mainly for material storage.

I might add a few bobbles like a drawer for GF specific tools or common items like a dedicated roll of masking tape, some sand paper, a set of files, glues, etc…

I was also looking at adding a fixture that will let me route the pipe from the vent without stressing the mounting point on GF itself. Though I would want to be able to remove that once the filter comes in.

Also, I plan on making it just a little short, that way the work height will make sense once the filter is in place. I would like

The last thing which is on the ‘would be nice’ list is the have a couple of pop-up shelves in the front and back which can support longer material in and out of the pass thru. Though this presents a couple of problems, so I am not sure it will make the final cut.

I also do not plan on spending more than a couple hours making this.


Just so long as he can reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.


Saw that at Costco – looks incredibly sturdy.


i’m way too cheap. i got two 2x4 pieces of ply and gorilla tapes them in a stack to the top of two filing cabinets. rock solid and it honestly looks better than i expected.


It is very sturdy, and VERY heavy. I got it to my house, and my dad helped me unload it into the house. But we had to take open the box and carry individual pieces into the basement, rather than do the whole thing in one trip. Even that was pretty heavy.

I’m glad it has wheels on it to move it around