What transfer tape is good for Glowforge?

As everyone in here knows, any material should be covered by paper tape. So, I bought a 12" transfer tape but the quality was really bad and ruined my project. If anyone of you can tell me what product is working perfect for Glowforge, that will be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve been using this:

It’s very similar to what comes on the PG materials. Low tack, easy to apply and remove. Hasn’t damaged or left residue on any of the acrylic or wood I’ve used it on so far.


Be sure to rub in down everywhere with a brayer or scraper when you apply it. The rubbing and pressure activates the adhesive on a lot of these tapes.


Like @cas.wood, I am a fan of perfect tear, but I use the medium tack stuff. I’ve never tried the high tack in that previous link.

This is the one I use:

It’s a bit more expensive than the other one. Hmm, wish we could do side-by-side, it would be interesting.


I’ll let you know when I’m down to the last few feet, I’d be happy to send you the last bit still on the roll so you can give it a good test.

Sadly I just tossed my last dead roll of mine, or I’d offer the same.

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What do you mean by ruined your project? If you mean it did not stick to the material, then it is because of what Jules said: the adhesive is pressure sensitive and you need to use a squeegee to press it down and activate the adhesive. If it is something else, then maybe someone here can help troubleshoot.


I’ve been using this. It states high tack, but more like medium.

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