What will be the first thing you make?


I know it’s been asked what your first week looks like… But what will be the first thing you will fire up your Glowforge to make? I feel like this is the first question everyone asks when they learn I’ve ordered a Glowforge.


After the “hello World” piece of scrap and the party coasters?


I will make my top secret “Hello World” project. Shhh…probably some sort of finger jointed box. :spy: - Rich


Ha-ha! Love it.


I assume we’d all better come up with a “Hello World” project idea since the instructions will no doubt specify it?

Guess I’d better start thinking. Second project is going to depend on when we get them, and where it falls in the holiday schedule.


Haha! Looks like that’s the plan!! I’ll have to come up with a “Hello world” project!!


I got a pretty nice soft vinyl covered notebook as a meeting freebie. I will cut out “Glowforge Log” in thin wood, putting double sided sticky tape on the back. Font could be Papyrus.


I think I will do a lightup Overwatch sign to hang in my office. Probably mixed media, the orange bits will have to be some kind of transparent material. and the rest probably something that takes paint well. I may back light it as well, but definitely light it the way its shown below.




this on cardboard first, then try it on some cherry wood with some sentimental value.


I’m still thinking this might be my “hello world” project:



Oh I really like that!!


I love your idea. Do be careful, though…I got hauled in by the font police on here recently for mentioning Papyrus :grinning: (which is still one of my favorites).


Ha-ha. That was my bad. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m more supportive of papyrus users since that…


I’m probably going to make a stand for my gopro, for filming the glowforge in action :slight_smile:


Oh, I like that! You ought to share the plans! I’m sure there will be a lot of us interested in using it to film their Glowforge!


I was just going to wing it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or find someone on this fine forum to do a good one!
My design ability is subpar usually :wink:




I figure I could just trace out the gopro on acrylic and cut out something stand’ish :thumbsup:


I will try a photo engrave as my first project just to see how easy it is to accomplish