What wood you like to know?

Interesting site for a little knowledge on various wood types/species. While it (I don’t believe) refers to laserability, it does mention irritant/toxicities of some species. Kind of an interesting knowledge site to read .



Great resource. Thanks @PlGHEADED!


Really good information, thanks for bring that up @PlGHEADED.
Most people do not know or even think about wood being toxic. I found out the hard way.
Now when I am doing some woodturning and sanding I have to wear a hepa filter mask and long sleeves, some of the woods are very irritating to some of us, Like me.
Some of the spalted woods can be really bad too, whatever fungus they have in them that makes them look good, well, it can make them really bad to breath the dust, now I never use spalted wood for bowl projects that will hold food, don’t want that stuff in my body, or anyone else’s.


Nice reference, bookmarked!


Wow, that was awesome, thank you

I used to wood work and not worry about dust and stuff ( I was using hickory and pecan) until I started to work on another species. Cocobolo l think it was. I remember thinking “hey I am having trouble breathing!”


Ebony made my lips numb, so I use wenge instead. Anytime you feel "funny " working with wood varieties that are new to you , you should stop using that wood type. A dust mask also helps too. :relaxed: