What ya going to do with all the earsaver scraps

I was sitting about looking at a few paltry pieces of scrap and knowing that others have cut hundreds of sheets in many different colors and I was thinking that the top and bottom of every sheet could be matched with the top and bottom of a sheet of a different color in an interlocking manner and be made into all sorts of cool stuff,

Here is just a hint to get the creative ideas flowing,


I bet I could convince my daughter to use them as a tracing tool and then draw borders on a bunch of pieces of paper.


a bit of loctite, and 10 min poof you have a new sheet no? :innocent:

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I just put it inside that trunk.

Put a hole at one end and make really long earrings.

β€œEar destroyers.”

The yang to the yin.


I played with that thought of some with the two halves glued back to back before arriving at the idea in the photo, and thinking of @evansd2 "s trays or boxes with those as the design element. I thought I remembered one that was scary close to the idea before covid was a word.


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