What's going on with the catalog?

I received my Glowforge Pro approximately seven months ago. In that time, I have seen very few, if any, updates to the design catalog. Can we expect to see any new designs in the next month or two? Are there any near-term plans for enabling us to publish our own designs in the catalog?

I would also like to suggest that Glowforge give users the ability to download the source files for designs. This approach based on the honor system seems to work well for MakeCNC and other companies and would enable us to fix or improve upon Glowforge-provided designs. I know that I’ve run into at least one issue with a catalog design that has not yet been fixed.


I wonder of that could be an option for those who buy it forever over single time purchases.

Agree. I did a “buy forever” on a design that definitely needs some modification. The problem is if someone remixes and posts it somewhere else, I guess.

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+1 on user contributions! It would be fun to share some designs. My impression fairly early on was that the catalog would be user supported.