What's happening between golden email and tracking number?

We received our Golden Email on 1-10-2018, including Estimated Shipping Info:
showing that everything but the filter is ready to ship.

A couple of days later, the Estimated Shipping Info only shows the filter:

Still no Tracking number. What is happening?
Where is the GF? Is it in Test? Packaging? Antarctica?

I am so emotionally burned out after 2 years, I don’t want to get my hopes up.

PS… really need multiple accounts for GF. Ours is going in a shared environment.

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In the form where you fill out shipping info: “Your Glowforge shipment will arrive in less than 6 weeks.” So it might take up to Feb 20 if you ok’d it on Jan 10. You can add additional users to https://glowforge.com/settings/users once logged in, but you need a machine first.

Did you get the proof grade materials? They came about a week after the golden ticket for me and for others.

Then I waited for what seemed like an eternity, 17 days after the golden ticket email I got the tracking for the glowforge itself. Much less than 6 weeks. It arrives in two days. I’ll be sitting by the front window refreshing my UPS page regularly.

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No, no packages yet.

As a distraction from the interminable waiting :stopwatch:, I am curious about the actual process. Once they assign a unit what takes the first 90 percent of shipping? I know that UPS will have our GF to our office in Southern California in under 3 days…once they receive it.

It’s complete according to the account status. Once the ready to ship goes away… presumably the factory has finished handling it. Then what? does it ship someplace else for testing before shipping?
Does it get a couple of nights out on the town with some HP printers? Burn-in testing?

I’m just curious… Plus its a business address, so no UPS My Choice.

Glad to hear about the multiple accounts!

Looks like we are getting our material tomorrow! I was able to do a track by reference on our order number, but cant setup notifications:

It’s a start!

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Your machine isn’t manufactured until after you confirm your golden email. Once you confirm, your name goes into the queue for production.

The “Ready Now!” is only referring to the fact those items are in production (versus in development).

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Proofgrade comes from TN. The GF is shipping from CA. Yours shouldn’t take the week that mine is taking to drive across the country to NJ.

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UPS MyChoice is for residential addresses! (In fact, our family’s experience is that you should set it up for each adult so that fraudsters cannot setup an account with UPS in your name.)

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My delivery is currently estimated at 1/29 (I got the tracking number today, 1/24); I got my proofgrade materials on 1/12, and I answered my golden ticket on 1/5…

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Well, maybe just a couple of more days then!

Yeah, you are in CA, I am in CT.

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