What's in a name? (revisited)


Having picked the name for my Glowforge (Goldfinger), I’ll pass along the other name ideas I came up with. I played the alphabet game trying to come up with at least one name for each letter of the alphabet. Help yourself to any of these options or use it for inspiration for your own brainstorming.

Archimedes (as in his Death Ray w/ focused mirrors that Myth Busters tested a few years ago)
Binford 6000
Corunna (oldest lighthouse in the world)
Dragon Breath
Edward Laser Hands/Excalibur
Hephaestus (Greek God of Fire)
Icarus (from Die Another Day)
Lightning 2.0/Lightning McLaser
Moonraker (Bond film w/ laser riffle)
Neuralyzer (the light flashy thing from Men In Black)
Ollivander (wand maker in Harry Potter)
Photon Shooter
Quantum Leap
Sir Cuts A Lot//Sparky
TARDIS ('cause it’s bigger on the inside)
Up in Smoke
Vulcan (Roman God of Fire)
Widget Maker
Yellow Submarine

Have fun!

Spare Glowforge names

None of these are what I have picked out for Prometheuses replacement so yeah, have at Um.


Great, I need the inspiration. Still torn between options here. :thinking:


ooh… you could call it Muse



This is my muse, the Glowforge? :rofl::joy:


You had fun putting that list together. No ideas yet for ours. It will come to us sooner or later. :slight_smile:





Glowy McGlowface


I went with Godzilla because A) my wife won’t let me name a dog that and B) my wife won’t let me name a dog that. She even hates that I named the GF that, which makes it all the better for me. :smile: