What's in a name?


Usually, out of respect, I call the Glowforge by it’s rightful name. Occasionally, I will refer to it as the GF. Just this evening, I realized that GF also stands for the latest and ubiquitous term, Gluten Free. To other owners, the initials are obvious…but nothing appears to be sacred anymore. Just a passing observance.


I’m happy to admit to be a GF Glowforger. Lol


Or Girlfriend… Rather fitting with how much I love it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait till my wife sees my new GF…:wink:


Or how much you spent on her. :0




Love the girlfriend joke. I am guilty of referring to it as GF on these forums but I kind of agree that we should be referring to it as Glowforge. I mean I doubt anyone will actually say “GF” but I do feel like I’m cheating when I write it lol


I always read GF as girlfriend, unless I invest some mental effort to not do so. Which is why I call it the Forge. I would call it the GlowForge more often, but I cannot keep myself from the double caps, which makes it look a bit odd since nobody else seems to do it. So I feel good with the use of Forge.


I don’t know how many eons, decades? the letters GF have stood for girlfriend, but it must have gone over my head or passed me by in some way. It’s cute, though!


It actually doesn’t have double caps in the name


I figured it doesn’t. But I have a bad habit of random caps :slight_smile:


Haha- it never even occurred to me to read GF as girlfriend until someone pointed it out! I do like @jacobturner’s solution of the Forge.


I did gluten free for a bit to support a friend and develope gluten free desserts… When ever I posted GF recipes, a different smart allic friend used to always say…oh…more “Girl Friend” food…lol


And now there will be new meaning. When you come up with some kind of cool combo to use in your Glowforge, it will truly be another GF recipe.