What's possible


This is absolutely awesome…



Oh yes. They’ve been posted here before, but I never get tired of seeing them.


I look at that and I think “Hey. I’ve got a laser cutter. I could to that.” And then a quick followup thought… “Who the hell am I kidding?!”


I know there is obviously much more that goes into an awesome piece of art like that, but for those of us who may want to dip our toes in, I wonder if using a slicer (like Cura, Slic3r, or the like) could help with this. You still have to start with a (probably smoother) 3D model, but if you set a thick z-step, could it generate the individual layers? Of course, much of the design in those examples is in the choice of woods to use for each layer.

Just a thought …


Good gravy that’s gorgeous!


Yes definitely a slicer can generate such slices - but the artistry shown in the OP is often very different artwork for each layer (except the off set ones). It could be very meditative to generate art for all those layers :wink:


I never get tired of looking at these. Thanks for bringing them back into the mix.


I see this type of art and think “this is outta my league” and then it occurs to me that somebody has to do it.