What's that? You need a nautical chart for the US, immediately?

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This is an amazing resource.


Love these resources. Thanks for the link!

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Thanks for the link. I think I’m a little slow. I can’t figure out what to do with these. I’d like to make one for Destin FL for the Mrs, but the downloads I see all have extra info in them that I’d rather not have.

Can anyone give an example usage for these?

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Can you convert the PDF to something editable?

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Inkscape can edit PDFs…

I thought the PDFs were just raster maps? They make free vector maps available, that are constantly updated, but not sure how to get into an editable format. Haven’t really looked into them too far. They are designed to be plugged into nav units.

To be honest i haven’t dug into them either. Unsure if they are giant rasters or not. Might make sense that they are, they’d have a ton of objects if they are vectors. Anyone else looked deeper yet?

Yeah, it appears that it’s one big raster object. Dang. Still, pretty cool resource,