What's your Favorite shop tool?


What’s the one thing in your shop/studio that every time you use it you just love it?
This is mine,

The Jawhorse by Rockwell. This is a super simple tool that is just perfect! Solid as a rock and just works, I love it so much I have 2:-)

What’s yours?

p.s. -no glowforge pictures, thats just mean :grin:



I absolutely love my Jawhorse. I used it as a stand for my little webber gas grill, i packs up real small if you live in a small space. you can clamp plywood in it to make it a table. It is well worth the price.


Although on a more serious note these are my favorite shop/studio tools:


Getting my tools organized changed everything for me. It used to be that finding the right screwdriver took 30 minutes of digging through boxes. I would often go to the hardware store and buy another copy of a $10 tool because I knew I could be back with it before I’d find the ones I knew I had.

I was a terrible person.

So now, this is my favorite shop tool.

I am still a terrible person, but for different reasons.


This is my absolute best friend.

I can’t belive how handy it is for quick builds


I love all of my tools!
But the one standout, and most used over its lifetime is a no-brainer:


I’d be lost without my dental spatula with a super thin flexible blade. So many uses in so many diverse applications. Sorry, no pic. I bought it at a garage sale and have never been able to find a suitable backup (in case I lose this one).


I would say my Computer is my best shop tool. Second best tool is the crescent wrench, because I am a lazy hack.


I would have said that studio tools and shop tools are separate… but I’m looking at @lairdknox’s cameras… I’m thinking those were in the shop. Else he has a very dusty studio!

realizing that might be playa dust.


My strong weathered well scarred hands.
Doing something that would benefit from another hand and a friend reaches in to help steady and I say 'See the scars on my hands? If I would do that to me, imagine what I would do to you."
Aside from them I’d have to agree with JBV, except in the DeWalt flavor. 18v of 'get ‘er done’!


I took a day-long class on how to carve a canoe paddle a year ago and we used Jawhorses to brace our paddles. As soon as I got home, I ordered one. I’m currently using it as a stand for my compound miter saw but I have used it for working on my bicycle, holding a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood so I could cut a piece with a circular saw, and a few other things. It sure is handy.

But I’d probably have to go with @jbv and say my Makita cordless drill is probably the tool that gets the most use.


You would be correct. That was the result of capturing this sequence:

Tools are meant to be used and my cameras are no exception. :wink:


How in the name of god do you get bugs plastered all over your camera?? :+1:


My favorite power tool


At the moment, mine would have to be this CNC lathe:


Different climate extreme, but that made me think of my dad, shooting (and carrying!) 16mm film of alpine telemark skiing in the Alps in the late 80s.

Yep, cameras are tools… just not the ‘tools’ that come to mind when I think of the phrase “shop tools”!




Would have to be my Excalibur router lift and table that holds my Porter Cable 7518 router.


True but when the original post said “shop/studio” I immediately jumped to the cameras.

And even more to the point of this forum I have a photo project that I want to investigate once I get my Glowforge. It involves laser cutting photos face mounted to acrylic. So there is more crossover than you might expect. :wink: