When a door won't fit in your Glowforge


I didn’t go for the Pro, and even if I had, the pass through probably wouldn’t have been big enough to take a double glazed studio door. So I improvised with some Clear Scraps acrylic sheet and glued on the pieces with silicone glue so I could remove them if needs be.

Couple of things…

  • I’m not convinced the Clear Scraps acrylic is acrylic - it seems to melt rather than cleanly cut, so I’m wondering if it is polycarbonate?
  • Because of the melty edges, the letters warped, and then wouldn’t sit flat. A quick blast with a heat tool helped soften them and then pressed down with flat surface until cool. Even so, the edges prevented the letters sitting snugly on the glass, so the glue wasn’t as even as I would have liked.

Font: Sketch Block Bold


It gives a great effect in any case. :grinning:
(That material reminds me of clear plastic report covers.)


Looks quite nice


I did a quick test of actual poly-carbonate in a laser a few years ago and it burns pretty badly leaving very smoky edges, if that did not happen perhaps its something else?


Nice entry!


I really like that frazzled looking font—it looks great on the door. In the photo you can’t tell it’s not a part of the door.


You wouldn’t have trouble putting a door through the ‘Panther’s’ Glowforge.
(Courtesy of @rhenley)