When cutting acrylic, what is in the exhaust?

I’ve done some acrylic cutting with an Epilog, and the exhaust is pretty smelly. Just curious, does anyone know what is in the exhaust, chemically speaking? Hopefully not things like CO.

To follow up, I found an interesting article: https://www.vodex.co.uk/uploads/media_items/pdf-download-laser-advice-and-information.original.pdf. It says that acrylic fumes are almost entirely gasses and very little particulate matter (like smoke). It also points out that effective filtering requires both a particulate filter and a gas/chemical filter. My (limited) understanding is that a HEPA filter is just for particulates. Will it be safe to release the post-filtered exhaust in a closed room?

The GF filter has a HEPA filter and a charcoal filter to deal with odor. Still you might want to vent outside.

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I never cut anything beside paper in the past. I would like to create some large poster signs for my business. I am thinking of using acrylic (will do my homework). I not too worry about the smell (because I grabbed the filter and I have a purifier in my house with HEPA filter & charcoal). But I was concern if cutting acrylic, would it cause any damages in long to the laser (internal parts). We only have 6 months warranty.