When I download a premium file from the Glowforge Catalog, does it benefit the designer?

Does the designer of the file get a commission when I download the file with my premium membership?


I think you have to print the file for the designer to receive payment, but I am not certain.


Thx, dklgood,
Does anyone know how much the designer gets if I print it from my free premium membership download?
Also - does any one what percentage commission does the designer get if someone buys it without premium? Do the designer get a flat rate from GF or a commission per sale of the file.

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I think that would be a question for GlowForge staff (and they do not monitor these forums consistently anymore.)

I don’t think they have released the details of how that works.

If you need to know, contact support would be my suggestion.


Thx :slight_smile:

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The Designers only gets paid for the number of times a design is actually printed – just downloading it doesn’t count, nor does Free with Premium vs paid make a difference.

The amount is not a simple X cents per print. Glowforge uses the same model for calculating royalties as Spotify, in that the total number of times a design is printed each month is compared to the most-printed design for the same month, and paid that same percentage of the amount the top item for the month. For example, if a design’s performance index for the month is 4% and the top design paid out $100, that design would get $4.00. The big unknown is how much the top producer is paid month-to-month – it’s not a constant amount, so 4% this month could be more or less that 4% next month.

I can’t speak for any of the other designers, but I feel the compensation is appropriate, especially since I don’t have to do the marketing or customer support for any of my designs. :sunglasses:


That is so cool!! I just now noticed the sort by designer. I need to get on it. I’ve submitted almost 100, but I see I only have 64 up.


I agree!


I knew you had to have a lot in there…but I had no idea. I’m impressed. It’s a lot of work prepping and submitting. Nice side income for you!


Thx so much!


Wait a minute… you need to check to see what’s going on because using that filter, I have more than you! (That can’t be right.) Did you ever use any other name?

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I think it’s correct. The last time i checked, you were at 62 and i was at 64. And that was before when you couldn’t find your newly published stuff. I’ve got a ton submitted but not accepted yet, but I’m sure you’ve surpassed me now :rofl::rofl:


Well wow, that just doesn’t seem possible! :smiley:
I’m sure you’ll surpass me once they accept all yours. I only have a handful of designs submitted recently that are waiting now.
You’re going to hit your goal!

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