When I was a little kid

When I was little, my old man and I would tinker in the garage rebuilding car and motorcycle engines. I fell in love with the all the drawings in the shop and service manuals and I suppose that I have not grown up 30 years later. Been playing around with various printed designs on t-shirts, sublimation printing etc. and have was really blown away with what a Glowforge could do. I purchased one last week and after letting my 13 year play with it for a few days, making magic things… I starting taking some of my old school designs and making a little magic of my own. Thanks Glowforge for making me feel like a kid again… Here is my first print…


Amazing first project. The engravings turned out great!


Nice! And man do you have good timing. This is currently ongoing:

Maybe you have something to share?


Thank you.

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Exactly! I had forgotten that feeling. At 64, it had been missing for a very long time. Welcome to the community, which by the way is the best “accessory” for your glowforge.
If you don’t know how to do it, somebody here does!


That’s a fantastic story and first project! Hope you continue to enjoy it, and can’t wait to see what else you make! Welcome to the forum! :grinning:


@ evansd2 = I am cutting mine out of 1/16" veneer and them using them as an insert. sample%20panel_|690x460


Welcome. Nice project. I suspect your 13 year old will grow up with fond memories of tinkering with the Glowforge and their young at heart dad.


It’s always a fun time with a Glowforge around! Really enjoyed your post. Awesome first project!

Love the detail in these, and your kid is going to love having so many tools at their disposal!