When my unit will be shipped

i am order in 12 NOV .I’d like to know when my unit will be shipped to Hong Kong

This was talk about a couple weeks ago.

The wording in the main website FAQ on shipping was updated yesterday. “If you purchased on or before 10/24/15, your order will ship before July 2016. If you purchased after 10/24/15, your order will ship before October 2016.” See http://faq.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/210277688-When-will-my-Glowforge-ship-


Hopefully some people will cancel and I can move up in the line. :slight_smile: Worst case I won’t move back, but there will be some who will reconsider for whatever reason.

I don’t want to seem impatient, but I would really love a bit more information on when production will start proper, and when I may see my unit.

I was initially optimistic that I would have it by the end of February (I ordered at the end of the first week), but as time passes, I’m less optimistic.

I have a table booked at a model show for March, and while I don’t have to cancel until Feb, I would love to know if I will have something to show then so I can start creating the artwork, or if I will have to cancel my table. Not the end of the world if I do, but it would have been nice.

@BluBot - Honestly, this is probably as good of an answer as anyone is going to get at this point…

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Tight timeline for building that power armor I promised Tony Stark for Halloween. I hope he doesn’t decide to build his own in the meantime.

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