When will the first unit ship out?

i know we preordred and we need to wait patiently but any eta at all? will i get mine 1 year later 3 months 6 months? any ideas at all? did anyone actully get 1 yet and reviewed? so many posts and no one actually used one yet other than open house attendees, i do have a laser engraver right now which was a kick starter project and loving it emblaser 3watt laser for 750$ lol so i will be using until glow forge comes in . please share any thoughts on estimated ship outs etc

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I’m pretty sure no one has one yet. The website says the first will ship in December. And they plan to ship the first few units to users who will use them heavily - so they can find and correct any problems before they begin general shipping. I’m guessing it will take at least a month or two after that before they start shipping to you and me. :smile:


basically to be safe 6 months? lol


Can’t remember where I saw or heard it, but I believe @dan said that they hope to have them all shipped within the first few quarters of 2016. @sambelcher is correct. A few units in Dec then there will be a long gap before the main units start shipping because of production times.

I am treating this like a Kickstarter in my mind. They say first few quarters, but things can go wrong in production that set things behind. They have a LOT more units to produce than their original goal, so it could easily take a year. (IMO)

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If you need to plan, my guess would be to expect delivery in 8-12 months. Better to be surprised by an early delivery than by an extremely late one. If you want it sooner, move to Seattle and open a maker space :sweat_smile:

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wow 27 million in bank lol and delivery in 6 to 12 months hopefully lol i hope they know how to invest that 28 mill cause they can make so much money untill our units arrive lol i guess till that time ill be using my amazing emblaser engraver

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They aren’t just sitting on 28 million. I am certain that manufacturers aren’t going to run Pre-Pro without having some initial cash in their pockets.

And safe investments tie your money up for a long period of time, while risky investments are just that… risky. Nobody wants to hear “Well, we did have enough money to get you all printers, but then the S&P500 took a dive and we are now only able to get half of them finished.”

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I am curious to hear from the Glowforge team. @dan @bailey

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lol if i get mine by my birthday in march ill be happy . now everyone is hyped up which is great everyone is making room for the product in their shops coming up with ideas all great but when they dont get their machine in 2 to 3 months what what will happen in the forum lol. i ve been there once with another product and omg but i guess the people that will be happy will supersed the ones not so it will all be fine lol

A little more than that. . . 28 million from us plus the $9 million from the angel investors. Oof, you could buy a little non-extradition island in the Caribbean for that. :smile:

I sure the folks in England can make some serious book on shipping and receiving dates. Wonder what iFixit will pay for the first tear down. Don’t they send someone to pick an item up just to be the first to tear it down? And how long till it’s reverse engineered for local control? My expectations are low. Cool if I had it for my March BDay. I’ve referenced this post a few times for perspective.

As to the uncertainty on shipping. I can’t find where that video is but it is @dan telling the story of manufacturing and shipping Robot Turtles. Very confident. But also know this is a new product. Bound to be snafus. All in all, worth the risk.

From the recent Gizmag interview: Dan says " Right now we’re expecting to deliver to our Kickstarter backers during the first half of 2016. For orders placed now, most likely Q3, 2016."


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There weren’t any Kickstarter backers for GlowForge were there? That would put the integrity of that article into question, though I think @dan has said the same thing here more or less.

Ha! Yeah, they got the platform wrong, but the rest of the quote is right. We’re cranking to get all of the 30-day preorders shipped in the first half of next year, and the rest in the 3rd quarter (summer) of 2016.


That`s very good to hear. :slight_smile:

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That’s terrible to hear. Over 6 months!? I was under the impression this was near completion and setup already. Expect a lot of angry customers within the next couple months.

Oh i will wait to get it - i know its a kickstarter and i will be very happy if we got a CE and i will drink tea :wink:

Glowforge is not a Kickstarter project. It was funded by investers and the company recently pre-sold ~ $30 million worth of units.

It seems in common speech that tissue:Kleenex::crowfunding:Kickstarter. We aren’t quite there yet.

I think that @dan has also said that the pre-sales are not funding the company, or at least not paying salaries. If true, then crowdfunding may not be correct either.