Where can I buy wood for the GF in Canada?

I can only think of Home Depot but I haven’t actually had the time to go check it out. I would like to make some Christmas ornaments with bamboo wood but am not sure where I should look. If it helps, I’m in Vancouver, BC. Thank you in advance!

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I would think anywhere that sells wood — several places down here in Bellingham including Hardwoods To Get

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you have to sign up for an account, but I’m in the lower mainland and going to be using these guys. the veneer wood is the same style construction as the glowforge proof grade stuff ie:mdf in the middle


The US site is identical:


It seems they have a site for the UK, didn’t look for other countries.

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Have you actually heard back from them? I’ve tried to sign up for accounts twice now over the course of a few months and have never received my confirmation email.

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You might want to check out PJ White Hardwoods down on Kent St.

For Trotec? Yeah – I’ve got an account with them; haven’t done an order yet although they say they’re raising their prices for 2018 so I might put in an order before I get my GF

I had to send a second email to get them to do it but they like to call you and get your info before approving your account I think. They did for me at least

I talked to a sales rep today, they said it looks like the worst price increase will be about 5% and they may or may no know ahead of time the new prices.

Also, I made a few hundred dollar order today (free shipping over $300) and they were great to deal with. Had to call in with my credit card and they let me know it was all in stock and would ship out the next day. Then I got a call back later that day to check that my order was correct because it had a bunch of their really thin stock on it and not much thick stuff which is a common mistake they have happen. They also said they had were manually adjusting the order to account for some things to make it cheaper but I would end up with the same stuff.

now that is how you run a business. I will happily order all my materials from them.