Where can I get a klondike Bar?

Had to use the catchy subject line otherwise you would recognise me and see that I only post when I am stuck and frustrated. In my defence for the most part that is every time I try to use the glowforge, have a time sensitive project or have a commitment. It happens every time I get a decent order and so far I have been unable to deliver because these machines HATE me and my house.

My son is getting married Saturday…my machines have been inoperable and therefore I could not even finish the wedding projects.

I did send a support ticket - but I really need to finish the wedding things. So I am doubling up. This is my third machine, first two had problems and were replaced.

This machine worked right out of the box. I was so excited. Now I have a cooling alert. It is excessively hot in Oklahoma right now…I have not attempted to print during the day. Yesterday I turned it on in the afternoon but did not use it. When I tried to use it later in the evening we had the cooling alert. The machine is cool to the touch, the hose is cool to the touch inside and out. Everything is COOL. But it won’t budge.

I have read everything on this topic I can find. It’s NOT TOO HOT . There is nothing to cool down.

I just want to QUIT. I think I might cry too.

Are you using magnets? I had some hefty neo-mags that caused an error when the fan passed over the magnets. I can’t remember, what the error was. Removed the magnets and cleaned the fan under the mirrors and all was good.

Hope that helps!

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Ugh, understand your pain…

Try setting up a fan so that it gently blows over the unit with the lid up–it might help get it up again by getting the air moving within the unit and out the exhaust vent… (I did this a couple times last year when we had really hot week & it helped me–fortunately not nearly as hot like that here (Seattle area) this year!) . Good luck!


This is hilarious. :slight_smile:

When you say, “It’s not too hot,” you might need to quantify it. How hot is it inside the machine? Is it possible that the hot air is coming in through the exhaust and heating up things inside? The max temp for a Basic unit (inside) is about 75 degrees. That’s not going to be hot to the touch.


So sorry for the troubles. :slightly_frowning_face:

What’s the actual ambient temp in the room?

Are you venting outside through a window? If so, warm air from the outside world can enter your GF and warm the coolant. I use a blast gate on the back of my GF to keep the hot (and cold) out when not in use.

Yes, I am venting outside a window. I did read about that possibly being the problem…and I’m not sure how to troubleshoot that other than check around the hose and connections to see if they are warm. Everything has been cool to the touch.

There window is boarded up to keep the sun from coming in.

No, I haven’t had this one long enough to do much so no magnets.

I keep the ceiling fan on high all the time and I keep the lid up …

The magnets give a different error and they’ve fixed it so you really need magnets now.

The glowforge is measuring the coolant, as I recall, and while that sensor could be bad having lived for a short while in Oklahoma, I’m thinking it is too hot. Too hot only means an ambient temp, at the glowforge intake of 75.

I just turned it on…it has not been on since last night and the yellow light came on before I could even open my computer.

I will change the configuration of the hose…and see if that make any difference.

That helps the room–I too have a ceiling fan that’s usually on, but even at high it doesn’t help the GF. You need to directly move the air through the bed and try to push out the hot air stuck in the exhaust hose!

And also help move the air that’s getting under the unit and drawn in the intake on the bottom right of the unit–and make sure there’s nothing blocking the air movement on that side, even without using any extra fan or piece of paper stuck on the vent holes & affecting the air intake, as that can cause overheating even if ambient temp OK (been there, done that).

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It is 73

I keep my AC at 77 and have no issues with my GF.

That said, have you opened a support ticket on this?

You have a Pro. It has more advanced cooling and can withstand higher temps.

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It’s probably too warm. 73 is very close to 75 and if your thermostat is off a bit or there’s a bit of heat getting in from outside, or they’re on opposite sides of the room, it could all account for a 2 degree difference.

Yes I opened a ticket.

75 degrees F is 'way lower than 98.6, which is the average temp of the human body, so it’s going to feel cool to the touch. Consider that a lot of people set their thermostats to around that temperature for air conditioning their houses in the summer – it’s NOT going to feel warm. The only way to know the temperature for sure is to measure with a thermometer.

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Hey D,

What is a blast gate?

@ChristyM, @bansai8creations , @tdewitt274

Support replied with a request for photos of the sensors on the bar under the printhead.

I took the vent hose off and went back 30 minutes later and turned the machine on. Still no go.

I appreciate your help and suggestions - keep them coming if you think of anything else I can try.

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