Where can I get rubber at? To make rubber stamps?

Does anyone know where I can get rubber from so I can make my own rubber stamps?

Search the forum for “stamps” and “rubber source”.

The info is already out there, no need to repeat it.

Spoiler alert: The short version is “online”.


You can get laser rubber from rubberstampmaterials.com, but personally I prefer the art stamp laser polymer from the same company, because you can see through it as you are stamping. I’ve got several forum postings on this if you search for them.


I have to second @cynd11 ‘s response. The polymer is wonderful.

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I used rubber sheet from Inventables for my stamps. @cynd11’s recommendation is the one to follow. I’ve seen her stamps and the material is much better suited for lasering.


Here is what I’ve done, and it’s superb:

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Also Amazon

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