Stamping out Brittany

OK, Brittany has been banished (although made another silly issue at the request of my wife.

So the stamp came out great, although my wife asked for it to be larger (4x6") so that’s what I did, after my Inventables order came today. However that’s when I noticed the stamp pad is 3x5" (hahaha) well that’s not my problem.

I put a handle on the back along with a Top indicator (looks sloppy in a medical chart to have stuff upside down) and a miniature version of the stamp (scored). The handle is both screwed and CA glued since these get banged down a lot and imagined given that is MDF that it might loosen the screw easily. Cheap door pull from the local hardware store.


Very nice! (Love the handle idea!) :grinning:


You are not the only one!