Where do I find good acrylic?!

I am currently trying to print off ear savers for local family friends, and factory workers. I’ve asked for a monetary donation of $1-$2 to cover the cost of materials and make more as needed.
I have quite a few people wanting them and some have asked for fun colors etc. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get acrylic?
I’m looking to get bigger sheets in a few different colors. Maybe a company with fast processing and shipping. Lots of colors. Not too expensive. This wont be for profit and any extra material will be turned into ear savers and donated to local hospitals. Just need a good place to order some sheets, because people are wanting them faster than I thought!

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I buy sheets from Inventables. I like them since they are masked and they have a good selection of colors too.

Search for acrylic source in the forum.

You’ll find so many threads exactly like this… inventables is too expensive for what you’re talking about.

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