Where do I start?

I just received my GF and venting option. I’m a middle school art/Maker teacher with very little 3D experience. I have no idea what to do after I open the boxes

Try this:

Read through the forum as much as you can stand. So much here.


You’ve come to the right place.

Give these a whirl:



Great! I appreciate the guidance

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This is exactly what I was hoping for

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If I may ask. What did you do for venting? Congrats and welcome.

Also - various app developers like Autodesk have educational licenses for extremely cheap or free. I’d highly suggest you expose your students to these tools if you can. Many of them will never need to use them again, but those who will later in life (like a career as an engineer or architect) will appreciate early exposure.

I head up technology for a good sized MEP firm and while we can find good candidates coming out of school, many of them have a basic understanding of the digital tools they’ll be using for the rest of their career. This observation has waned a bit in the past few years as more and more students are focused on learning these tools, but you’d be amazed at how many Universities do require them to learn the tools and in some cases FORBID the students from using them. Randy Deutsch is a well known technologist / Architect who has written several books on data / design within the AEC space and is also a professor in Chicago. He’s been told he cannot teach his students these digital tools, so they go “underground” and teach themselves the tools holding student led classes at night in closed classrooms so they can learn them. He’s trying to change the culture, but this anti-technology issue is all too familiar at many Colleges and Universities. Sad as that is.

I’m not trying to jack this thread, but when I encounter an educator who’s using tools like this that will force others to learn design software, it’s my duty as a technologist within AEC to thank them and reinforce how crucial this knowledge is.

Drafting and woodworking in High School got me into CAD in college and into the career I’ve loved for the past 25 years. The Glowforge to me is the perfect mixture of tech / making / woodworking!

So thank you for expanding our children’s minds!

Ok - back to the basics - sorry for jacking this thread.


I purchased the venting option for the cutter. I assumed that would take care of venting. Do I sill need other venting?

I just read that the optional GF vent isn’t ready until 2019!!! That changes everything… I’m not sure what I’m gonna do

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Most of us chose to vent through a window. Lots of threads about how to do it.

Mine is through a basement window I replaced with a foam insulation & wood panel insert. I ran the GF’s exhaust to a dryer vent in the panel. No issues with cold and all the smoke & fumes go outside.

Beat waiting for the filter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ask away. Don’t be shy. Spend some time reading up on those first prints.

Educational settings have challenges with getting wifi access and venting.

I wish there were some better way to assist folks in assessing their operating environments before they buy. The videos are great at selling the easy of use. And it really is easy to use. Easy to set up. But there are three major cautions that everyone new to lasers need to think through:

  1. Venting and fumes
  2. Wifi
  3. Noise

Feel free to add more cautions.

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