Where I plan on setting up my Glowforge

Hey Everyone,
I don’t really participate on the forums much, but I do check them several times a day and I see many of the same people so basically hi to everyone.

I have read about many different places that people are planning to put their GF’s when they arrive and many cool ideas have been put forth. Well I am a teacher so this summer during my off time I have undertaken a big project with the blessing of my awesome wife.

We have a “garage” (I use that term loosely because it is too small to fit a car in) that was built in 1935. As it isn’t very usable I get to turn it into my Nerd Castle. So far this summer I have cleaned it out, added flooring, got the electricians in, insulated and as soon as I am done here I will be headed back out to start the drywall. After this it will be texture, paint, then add cabinets.

This last year we had the school I worked in the last 8 years torn down (it was built in 1935) so I bought my classroom door and cabinets, and then I am also using chunks of flooring from the gym. It will be like a tiny representation of the school I taught at. I’m pretty excited to get it done and then get my glowforge installed. I plan on making a name plate for Room 110 (My old room number and it also sounds faintly like a Sci Fy book name)


This is just wonderful! I love that you are reproducing aspects of your school–awesome idea. And, welcome to the forums @drewperman–we’d like to see more from you!


Oh! Oh! @jules, look! He’s got a hedgehog!


That is VERY cool.

Welcome to the forums


That looks like a sweet little nook! (I wish I had that much space to maneuver and store materials!)

Where’s the hedgehog?

Welcome to the forum! :relaxed:


So fun! I love that you’re bringing memories of your old school into your workspace. (And hooray for summer break–one of the best parts of being a teacher! :sunglasses:)


Laughed out loud so hard it woke the dog.
-edit: but I love that you are reusing stuff from the old school. That’s really cool.


Keep us updated – we love this kind of stuff!


This Is SO great and cool! What a fantastic way to preserve some of your past and integrate it with the future. I get it about your small garage. We have one here from 1925. Welcome to our group!


Looks like a great nerd castle!! Nice space…:smile: definitly keep us updated on the redo… and welcome!!


I looked all over the picture of the garage…then I realized it was on his profile pic…lmao


God bless you I still hadn’t seen it! ROFL! (My eyes are just shot!) :smile:

Cute hedgie! :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:


Thanks! I kept looking and looking… :hedgie:


Same. I was about to ask, then it dawned on me to look.


Welcome! I love the idea of reusing parts of your old classroom. Great idea! I’m taking a few minutes to read a few posts while taking a break from re-arranging my office above the garage in hopes of confirming where my Glowforge will live. Keep running into issues with every layout I try.


Luckily my layout is pretty straight forward. My garage is a rectangle that is 9’ 1"x 19’ 1" after I took down all the shelves and stuff that the previous owners had put in. I’m pretty excited about all the different cabinets that I get to us though. They will probably have to be heavily modified to fit, but on the bright side I get to choose my favorites and leave out the rest.

Update: drywall is up


@Drewperman ! excellent work! I also developed my own maker space for the laser. This is going to be a great space!


Welcome to the forum!

Wow, what a wonderful way to incorporate the elements from your school! Can’t wait to see what you do with this space :slight_smile:

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Spectacular! Love that you’re keeping memories from your school.

We have yet to agree on where to put our Glowforge. He says the basement … As there is space. I want it on the main level. Need to get it nailed down, so that we can get the exhaust hole set up. ::sigh::


Once he sees how beautiful the machine is he may not want it down in the basement LOL you might get your own way display it proudly on the main floor