Where in the world is Waldo -- no, wait -- MacGeek?

I just realized it’s been a couple of weeks since I read any posts or comments from one of our most creative, humorous, thinks-out-of-the-box contributors: MacGeek. I did a search here in our forum for him and see that ALL his posts and comments have been deleted. Where’d he go?


He’s still around, now and then, but he’s changed his username to “Deleted” and spent a lot of time wiping out all of his past posts.


You can always check for yourself:

If he comes back you will see it in his “last seen” field or his activity feed if he does more than lurk.


I’m sorry he felt hurt enough to feel it necessary to withdraw. The man jumped into his machine with both feet and shared all that he learned.


so why would he leave? or rename himself?

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I’m pretty sure this wasn’t exactly volentary, but don’t want to offer speculation at this point, I hope he keeps on modding, where ever he is


It was entirely voluntary. He was upset about being flagged in a thread, and decided that he didn’t fit in here. His logic was basically that if people didn’t want him here that they didn’t deserve his posts so he deleted (many of) them.

He’s not the first to do so, @ej.james did the same thing a couple of years ago.


Sorry to hear that, if you still contact him please let him know I hope for the best for him and I always enjoyed his chaos of modding :slight_smile:


He’s pretty active in some facebook groups. but I’ll ping him and let him know.


I think he still lurks, I DM him and he said he still does what he did and shares, just not here. I believe he’s on FB now.


He is on Facebook in the Glowforge Users Group (GUG) but using his given name as his user name.


He and I are Facebook friends and he is very active there. Very creative and talented individual.


Two things regarding all your helpful comments about the “missing MacGeek”:

  1. I’m glad to learn that he’s doing well and carrying on his endeavors elsewhere, and

  2. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark.”

So, he left “voluntarily” but the only reason thus far is that he was “flagged in a thread” (evansd2). I find that puzzling. Here was a fella who was not hesitant to push the envelope, not satisfied with a “you shouldn’t try that” thought process. Witness FrankenForge. And he was quick to engage with others offering his thoughts. And I’ll add that from reading the forum topics where he weighed in he sometimes ruffled feathers — but was quick to set things right. Further, he filled a niche by developing an inventory of parts from broken (some have called them expensive paperweights) Glowforge’s. I think MacGeek has a “thick skin” and can’t imagine that he packed up and left simply because he was flagged in a thread. Can anyone share what Paul Harvey would call “the rest of the story”?


honestly, if you’re really interested, i’d suggest joining one of the FB groups he’s in and ask him. anyone else who makes a comment is likely speculating at best. and at that point, it’s just people gossiping. not something we really need to do here. gossiping generally just turns negative and i have no ill will toward macgeek, so i’d prefer not to see the gossip shared on a public space.


I apologize if I accidentally gave the impression that it was only one thing. The flagging incident I mentioned was the final straw, I think. Like @shop said, you should ask him directly – I can’t share all the details of @macgeek and my private conversations on the matter and I don’t mean to speak for him. I only piped up at all to assure anyone who reads the thread that he left voluntarily and that he’s still online and doing well.

You can’t even really see the original thread that got flagged anymore, he change the title and replaced all the content. It was originally titled “Glowforge Plus lid for sale - Modded!”, but now it’s this:


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