Where my Halloween Peeps at?



Un-Certified Banshee Trainer!
Warning: Pet Lego at your own risk!


Very nice! Loving your laser I see :sunglasses:.


And a Happy Halloween to you, too!


What an adorable dragon! (Did you make that?) :grinning:


I made the avatar badges with the Glowforge - I need a post a close up!


bahaha I wish!

No - I “adopted” him from Disney Animal Kingdom - World of Pandora Banshee Rookery

What is made from Glowforge are those badges and leather strap things on my boots!


Not being in the US makes it so that we had our halloween party last weekend. As we are demolishing the house in a couple of months it got out of hand real fast! Place got trashed. Anyway. Here’s my costume:


Busy sewing season for me! A Dorothy skirt/suspenders for one niece (a Glinda for the other too, forgot to take a dress-only pic), a baby-sized village Belle from the new Beauty and the Beast movie for a cousin, and a grown-up version for me! (What else is a librarian gonna dress as? :blush:)

No time for Glowforged accessories, but @Snowjax did some great experiments with etching denim for my dress…just didn’t have time to perfect it.


Impressive sewing skills! These are all adorable.


Wow! Love the costumes, they are so amazing! Lumière is awesome!


This year

Last Year


Awwwww, you guys are so cute! I like that you pick a theme and everybody goes together.