Where should I place magnets when door is open?

I want to run my basic GF with the lower section of front left open.
Where do I need to place magnets to “trick it” so it will still work?

I would suggest searching for this in the “Beyond the Manuel” section, as this is not a Glowforge supported setting.


The best answer is don’t, as it is quite dangerous. Infrared is invisible to the human eye but the damage it does is not. I had cataract surgery just from being outside in the heat a lot and while the brain adjusts to the dark yellow of a damaged eye, you are actually seeing less and for me there was no longer a formula for glasses that would correct the problem.

I have moved this to “Beyond the Manual”.


One place to never put magnets is someplace where they can get to the glass top. That tempered glass will disappear if you scratch it with a neodymium magnet.

Regardless. I second @rbtdanforth . The concept you are trying is a hazard.


Here is a post that should be helpful: Upgrade to pro, cost, slot mod - #51 by subatomic

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