Where to buy acrylic in Miami?

Hello there, I’m new to the community, I just bought my GF yesterday and I can’t wait to received it. I’ve been crafting for 4 years now, but never worked with a laser matching. I’ll like to start working on Acrylic. Does anyone has an idea where to buy locally in Miami ?
Thank you so much!

You’re one google away, I like to use google maps for this. I’d start by seeing if there are any of the big plastics players in town. Try tap plastics or professional plastics first. If not them then just look for “plastics suppliers”.


Thank you! I just want to make sure, it’s save to be cut with the laser.

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you make!


One thing I found better in Miami than anywhere else is the scrap business. Everything from aluminium to clothes is gathered there and sold down the islands and Central America. All is available often for a tiny fraction of new. There is also so much exotic stuff that keeping an eye out even a fallen dead branch can be amazing. Even mahogany and rosewood grows on trees there,

Quite beyond what can be cut in a Glowforge there is a common tree called Trema that has a secret that smoke from burning it in a smoker confers a taste quite different from hickory but every bit as tasty.


That’s a great question. How do I learn about acrylic enough to buy it on my own? Here is a great resource that can help you get to that level about materials. There are also others in the series.

Cast acrylic from 2mm to 5mm is what you are going to look for. You can go thicker and thinner, but that might require a little more fiddling with settings. There are extruded acrylic sheets, but in general they are not as suitable because of the results of the burning.

There are all kinds of colors, and even multicolored acrylics that engrave to a different color.

Cast acrylic cuts and engraves beautifully. It’s got a sharp, somewhat floral and sweet smell but can be acrid in high concentrations.


Thank you so much!

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So I got curious and did that google map search. There are lots, but acme has a location in Miami and a decent selection:

Acme Plastics Inc
800 NW 159th Dr, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
(239) 433-0404


Great! I’ll go and take a look. Thanks

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Faulkner too:

Faulkner Inc Of Miami
7275 W 20th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33014
(305) 885-4731

They carry chem cast which is a well respected acrylic brand.


Also (last one) polymer shapes:

9624 Premier Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33025
(954) 332-7030


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