Where to buy materials in NY


I am going to be a few days in NY and I would like to know if you can recommend me some place where I can buy good materials like woods, veneers or something cool :relaxed:

Where to buy materials in New York?

You really are a world traveler :yum:

No ideas for you as I live in So Cal :wink:

Safe travels :smiley:


Something cool? Canal Plastics.


sure, where in NY? There’s an awesome wood place, but it’s not in the best hood in the Bronx…


The site will show you which thickness they have of each wood type; I can’t get the table to work correctly here…

We offer a wide selection of Lumber and Plywood

1 Anigre
2 Ash
3 Bass
4 European Steamed Beech
5 Birch
6 Bubinga
7 Spanish Cedar
8 Cherry
9 Purple Heart
10 Mahogany
11 Maple
12 Birds Eye Maple
13 Hard Maple
14 Red Oak
15 Rift Red Oak
16 White Oak
17 Quartered White Oak
18 Rift White Oak
19 Padouk
20 Clear Pine
21 Poplar
22 Rosewood
23 Flat Cut Sapele
24 Ribbon Stripe Sapele
25 Teak
26 Walnut
27 Wenge
28 Zebra












29 White Ash
30 Bamboo
31 Birch
32 Baltic Birch
33 Cherry
34 Classic Core
35 Euro Ply
36 Fir, Vertical Grain
37 Marine Fir
38 Maple
39 Sliced Maple
40 MDF
42 Ranger Board MDF
43 Ultra Light MDF
44 Melamine
45 Red Oak
46 Rift Red Oak
47 White Oak
48 Rift White Oak
49 Quartered White Oak
50 Clear Pine
51 Knotty Pine
52 Flat Cut Sapele
53 Ribbon Stripe Sapele
54 Top Coat Plywood
55 Walnut


Another vote for Canal Plastics – you may not want to get anything there, but it will give you a lot of ideas.


That’s the coolest part of my job, I’m so lucky :four_leaf_clover:

Sorry, I’m in Long Island (arrived this morning), but I can go to another area if it’s worth it.

Don’t worry, I live in the suburbs too (Not like Bronx but I can deal with it). I’ll be careful.

Thank you guys, gonna take a look at your suggestions :smiley:


I can confirm that Rosenzweig is really great. They have racks and racks of incredible wood in all sizes.

Be aware, though, that their hours are very limited (no weekends, no evenings), so plan accordingly if you want to go.

Have fun.


I live on Long Island. There’s nothing of value there. :grinning:


Except some of the best fishing and hunting (especially waterfowl) in the US…


Aren’t Brooklyn and Queens both technically on Long Island? As well as JFK and LaGuardia?


Unfortunately I could not go to see the store, there is some snow on the road

Thank you guys, maybe next time :relaxed:


Ah, so you were right in my neighborhood.


Really? I went to HD that day… just for fun, I love snow and where I live is almost impossible to see a snow storm like that.


Yeah, I recognize that road well, I only live 3 miles from there. Maybe next time I’ll have my glowforge and you can come over and laser things.


Sure I will :wink:


Isn’t that Road on the Snow?


:joy: maybe, in fact in some places there was no road at all, or sidewalk. But it was fun to be in such a white (and strangely not so cold) place.


I know how you feel. It’s just about the only thing I don’t like about being in the San Antonio area. Occasionally we’ll get to see snow in Oklahoma over Christmas at least.