Where to buy materials in the UK and how to ask for them? (Wood)

Hello everyone

I am trying to start creating with my glowforge but I am finding difficult to find materials to work with
I want to find wood 1/4 (65mm) thick or something similar but I don’t know where to start and what to ask for. Can you please help?

(Proofgrade materials are great but shipping from the US plus the extortionate Customs charges make them prohibitively expensive)

I have found this website https://www.kitronik.co.uk/materials/laser-plywood.html I will be ordering in some materials to test

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Try that search.

That you have asked the question, suggests to me that you are not a wood worker as such.
Can I suggest that you do a local search for any craftpeople who are. Not only will you be able to match what you want to produce with suitable woods for your projects, but will probably give you a pointer to any local wood yards that might have the sort of timber you need.
As 1/4" thick is much smaller than they might have, your friendly local artisan might have the kit to rip down and pre-finish whatever you find.
Failing that, you might find lengths that thickness in B&Q, but you would be restricted to pine or ramin I suspect.
The long term solution, if your heading for some serious throughput, might be to consider investing in the kit yourself, a good bandsaw and a planer/thicknesser, or suchlike.

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Baltic Birch plywood is probably your best bet for a general purpose plywood. If cabinet makers in the UK use similar processes to cabinet makers in the US wherever they shop you should be able to find thin plywoods with nice hardwood veneers.

As for thin, solid wood in the US you would look for scroll saw woods or hobby woods. They must sell scroll saws in the UK, so they should have woods available for them.


We’ve been using https://hobarts.com they have various sizes and thicknesses and both wood and acrylic and some really nice 2mm mdf.

Ask my other half @gussruss for more info

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I, too , have been using https://hobart.com. Even with shipping over the channel to The Netherlands, I have found there wood very good. Check out there laser ply line. There Italian Poplar is a great place to start. I have only used their 3mm but I imagine there 6 mm is nice, too.

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