Where to buy wood

Any tips where to buy long wood for Pro Glowforge to make a 36 or 40 inches long signs.

What type do you advise.

There are literally dozens of existing discussions on material sources if you use the search function above.

The type would depend on what you want to do with it. Natural, painted, indoor or out, etc.

Indoor, can I buy it at Home Depot?

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Most plywood is not made to standards relevant to Lasers. So when I bought some HD birch there were many places in it that were laserproof. Baltic Birch made in Finland mostly has much more restrictive standards, and cuts far better, Revolution plywood is not quite as good but close, Any 48 x 96 inch plywood can be cut to 5 pieces at 19 x 48 inch pieces.

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As @eflyguy said you should search the forum. Try “Wood sources”. I’ll include a link to the search for you but the search box is in the upper right.


There are many thorough discussion about this already, you’ll find all kinds on info here.

You’re brand new so you might also find this info useful:

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Thank you all for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries, we all needed a leg up when we got here, it’s what’s best about the forum. :slight_smile:

Just wandering around the tips and tricks section will answer so many questions you never even thought to ask. My #1 meta tip? Keep a notebook (digital or physical) where you write down the ideas you get as you find out about new possibilities. You’ll probably get more ideas than you have time or brain space for, writing them down now will let you come back to them later when you catch up.

That notebook should also have a section for materials and their settings. As you get to know what you like to do, you’ll probably outgrow the glowforge shop for materials… they’re expensive and somewhat limited. Granted, their finished plywood has some really nice perks and uses, but there’s a whole world of laserable stuff out there.

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