Where to drill the hole

I know there has been some discussion about this, but I am getting ready to blast a hole in my house, and I want to make super sure I am doing it in the right place. I don’t have the unit yet, but I got my golden email on January 4th.

I bought a Dewalt Cart and I have the cart pushed into the corner of my studio.

I want to be able to pull it out to get to my pro’s passthrough, and keep it snug against the wall the rest of the time. It is next to my wife’s desk, and she is being… let’s say… tolerant. (the filter was supposed to solve this problem… sigh…)

So, the height of the cart is 44 inches and is 54.8 inches long. So… where do I put the hole?

Here is what it looks like when I am daydreaming and looking at my empty cart… Thanks!


Go low. You can hide it behind the cart. :smile:
(And for reasons pertaining to humidity/condensation.)

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Ok… and here is another thought… I don’t want tons of hose jamming everywhere. My wife will notice and not be happy.

What if I use these elbows, and create a shorter hose that goes across the wall. This way it is flat against the wall when it is stowed and stretches a bit when I turn it 90 degrees? This is just a thought experiment. I have never installed anything like this.

The hose collapses on itself, so it can be as short or long as it needs to be. (You can put the elbows in if you really want to, but they just add that many more places for leaks to happen.)

Also corners create backpressure, which reduces flow and probably increases stinkyness. Try not to have the pipe have bends totaling more than 180 degrees, I think is the advice.

Yep - Two 90° bends is the recommendation I think - I’d need to recheck the recent suggestions.

Honestly? If I didn’t have a filter on backorder, I would do several things:

  1. move to 6" semi-rigid pipe through the wall

  2. Use a vent fan booster that I can run after the cut is over to suck out the latent stinkiness and generally keep the GF at negative pressure.

  3. put the GF on something that can turn 90º for normal or pass-through operations. That complicates the venting, obviously.

DeWalt cart…interesting. Solves building drawers, which I hate doing.

I have the same cart only mine is Husky from Home De Pot.
I used the hose that came with the GF, cut a hole through the siding next to a window AC and attached a quick disconnect to an outside flapper vent.
When not in use I hang the hose with a tie wrap on a hook magnet on the back of the cart.

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You could try putting the vent hole above or below the glowforge. Mine is far enough above I can get the forge close to the wall with the one bend in the flex hose.