Where to find 2mm thick acrylic


Hi all,

I am looking for a source of 2mm thick acrylic. I’m trying to cut some dividers for a storage bin and they need to be a specific thickness. Obviously, the medium acrylic in the proofgrade store is too thick.



Don’t know if you will find exactly 2 mm thick acrylic, but you can get 3/32" acrylic at Tap Plastics…it’s about 0.0938 inches or 2.38 mm.



Amazon has 2mm acrylic available.


I got some extra-thin acrylic from these people for making scoring templates. The .08" stuff is probably what you want for 2mm.



An alternate solution would be to simply engrave the edges of the pieces where they need to be 2mm. It wouldn’t take much engraving to shave off .5mm on either side (you’d have to use a jig) to make the edges fit. Admittedly it would be more work including some experimentation.


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