Where to source laser compatible materials in Europe


Now that the material shop is “out of business”… I’m in Norway and am looking for suggestions for where to source laser compatible materials. Any shop, preferably in Europe would work. Suggestions welcome!

Any wood sheet seller should be able to sell you 3mm birch ply. Get the more expensive stuff for better results. Any acrylic sheet seller that sells 3mm acrylic sheet will be able to set you up with a plethora or colors. Stuff like wallnut/ cherry veneer should also be sourced through wood dealers but these are not very common.


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Luckily other European owners have talked about this:


Read through those threads, I’ll bet you’ll find some leads.


I usually purchase wood from Hobarts in the UK, but have not ordered since BRexit so I don’t know how that will go. I am in Amsterdam so I suspect there will be kinks, who knows. They have a decent list of laserable wood. Nothing exotic. For veneers of different wood and color, I get them from Etsy. I think they come from Bulgaria. I use a Dutch acrylic supplier - Pyrasied. They have a nice selection of interesting stuff. Not sure what shipping will be to Norway. There are a few places for Heat Transfer Vinyl, too. Are you having difficulty finding Norwegian suppliers?


Trotec sells materials worldwide. I know that the wood I bought from last summer was imported from Europe. Here is a link to their Netherlands materials page. You can choose a different country from their website. Each location seems to offer different materials, because their Canadian site has things the company doesn’t sell in the US.


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Looks like I can only select “France” and “Netherlands”. If I try to sign-up, I have to select between a very short lit of countries (not Norway) perhaps they have limited what countries they ship to.

I just got my Trotec material (i am in the Netherlands) and it came from Germany!
It’s a world wide company and pretty big in lasers so maybe you just need to e-mail them.

There are not only france or dutch :slight_smile:

I would definitely email them, they are very quick to get back. They also have a surprising amount of info they can give you. Like when they were out of walnut mdf here, they were able to tell me exactly when and where thenext shipment was coming from, which is how I know it came from Europe. I believe the main company is based in Austria.

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