Where to source wood at this time?

Where do you source wood besides the proof grade stuff? Trying to save some money.

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Good news, the forum has answered this 100 times!

Check out #1a:


Welcome @tmccord34 !!
where are you in the world?

local home type hardware store is a great start, then lumber yards – DO NOT BUY OFF ETSY
sorry etsy people - but you are ripping people off for wood!


NEXT: what are your plans for the GlowForge? what are you planning on making / whats your specialty if you have one? - we just had a person on here, who is going to be using her GF to make tags for cattle. we are a diverse group here, and are amazed what people create with their GF*

*She would have used the GF for branding cattle, but the cows don’t fit in the unit :wink:

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Personally I like the Columbia Forest project packs from HomeDepot.com. I get my MDF as well as some acrylics from CraftCloset.com. I also get acrylic from CeruleanTides.com.

Hope this helps!


I second @celesteprobichaux, I buy a lot of the purebond maple, cherry, etc. from Home Depot. It’s cut to fit the GF. You do need to mask it though…

Even with purchasing masking, it is still way less expensive than ProofGrade. Plus it is usually in stock.

So true, the large masking is easy to do. Home Depot is fast with delivery and every time i have bought it, I’ve had no major issues cutting it.

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