Where would you use your glowforge?


Maybe on a boat20170901_202419


With abject apologies to Dr. Seuss…

I would use it in a plane…

I would use it on a train…

I would use it with a bear…

I would use it anywhere. :blush:


I would love to use it at a big outdoor picnic with lots of people. They come by and tell me what they want engraved on some tchotchke.


Or a plane?


Edit: You’re so fast @Jules :sunglasses:


Ah, but you can fly that plane, put it on autopilot and LASER ALL THE THINGS!!! pew pew pew


Used it in my camper yesterday.
I was recently looking at new campers looking forward to the distant future when my wife and I are retired. Found my self looking at floor plans with locations for my Glowforge or space that could be adapted.
Love this one. I’d tear out the bunks and have an laser workshop at the back of my camper.


I would not use it on a goat.

Lately I’ve been looking at UPS’s. My worry is that their claims about clean sinewaves could only be tested by trying them out…


In Outer Space!


Renting a pretty quiet generator for the day from HD or whatever will get you there!