Whew. Sidestepped that one

My granddaughter decided she wanted me to make her wooden valentines to give out to her kindergarten classmates. She wanted 4 different cards, some with Elsa, some with Coraline, some with Rapunzel and some with Flynn Rider. I was about to enter design he**, because I have no skills, when I logged on and she saw this on my dashboard already:

She thought they were super cute, and she recently learned how to play tic-tac-toe, so she decided on those for everyone. Tell me I haven’t been living right. Whew!


Wow. You actually got 2 weeks notice for needing them too!

That looks like a fun project.


So fun to provide what those lil sweeties need!


A great Valentine Day giveaway! I agree with @hansepe you had nice lead time on the request. It doesn’t happen that way very often.


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