Which gets here first, Universal or Glowforge?

So my office has been working on getting a laser cutter in house since we moved in 18 months ago. We actually created a space in our office designated as a “model shop” (a small one) with better ventilation and power anticipating model making equipment. And last week, we finally got approval to purchase the laser cutter. A Universal PLS6-150 (but just one 75 watt laser for now, with the potential to add the second 75w later).

If the PO gets out in a timely fashion (never guaranteed), we’re hoping to have it installed by the end of September. I’m an early 2016 order of a basic, so I’m guessing the Universal will get here first. But could i be lucky and get my GF before that?

Either way, I should finally have access to something by early October and get to begin cutting/etching things soon.



that’s cool! either you get some practice in first, or you can eventually use them both to do complex projects. sounds great either way, haha. :smiley:

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yes! i was thinking that access to the universal would let me occasionally do larger pieces (32 x 18 workable area, with a max part size of 37 x 23 x 9). and having access to the 75w laser would let me do deeper cuts. i’m sure i’ll be limited in personal projects at work, to an extent, but worst case i get experience.


I think they’ll compliment each other quite well!

It’s too bad the Universal will be at work and you might be limited what you can do with it if it’s kept busy, but then again you might get sparks of ideas while at work that you can bring to fruition at home on your own equipment!


well, i have a HUGE project that will hammer it for a couple of months if it gets approved. if you remember that big wall of etched photos, i’ll need to etch 125 6"x6" squares. i’m thinking i’ll be a “converting headshots to engravings” expert by the time i finish that.