Which Inline fan should I get?

I hate to be that guy. I have a Month to wait til my forge gets here. So Im shopping the old setup.
Im in an apartment so im looking to install an inline fan. The 6" seems to be out of stock…

Would the 4" be enough? ( Enough as in More than enough) Or should I just overkill it and be prepared with the 8"?



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I have the 6" and I love it. I know you said it was out of stock, but if you are waiting for the GF anyway, it might be worth waiting for it to be back in stock…

I had the 4" first and returned it. I would be afraid that the 8" would be overkill and take up too much room… Plus the need for even larger adapters just sounds ridiculous.

But, welcome to the community! I like that it sounds like you want to be involved here if you are asking questions and don’t even have your GF yet!


At 205 CFM you should be ok for most circumstances. The few time you would want more the internal fan is still there to get the job done. Those times will be mostly cuts anyway that take far less time than engraves, that 205 CFM can handle easily,

However at a third or less the price the 195 CFM Vivosun was my choice.

I have the extra space so I might just go for the 8". As for space. How far can the tubing go? 16ft too far for the forge to be from the window?

I have ~35’ of duct.

I ran a 4" fan for the first couple of years until my internal fan died. It wasn’t enough by itself, so I upgraded to a 6" fan (which cost half of the 4" you posted above)… It works better alone than the 4" + built in fan did.

Without an inline fan? Yes, that is to far.

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Not too long but will need extra CFM as you will lose some to resistance of any sort. (turns, length, stepping down diameter, etc, At some point an AC engineer can give you a math derived number, but winging it works if you don’t push it.

My Window is roughly 8Ft from the spot I plan to place it. ( Just the other side of a small bedroom ).
I will have the 8" fan.

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If you put the fan near the window end of the hose it should be way more than enough.


We have the AC Infinity Cloudline S8 8". Highly highly way over the rainbow highly recommend!

I have a very sensitive set of sinuses…just smelling burning wood at a Marshmallow roast can give me a headache that is out of this world. Yeah, and I bought a laser, right? Well originally we set it up and vented it out the window in the family room. My son’s bedroom connects to the family room and would come out coughing (adult son) because the acrylic would drive him out. I would get a headache and there was a lot of odor if I did a lot of cutting and/or engraving on a sheet of wood. Hubby checked the hoses and wrapped them, bought new, double insulated…only slightly better.

Then…we decided after seeing some posts about AC Infinity to try them — why not? We already own 6 of the AC Infinity Register Booster Fans that were recommended by our A/C guy. Well this was the smartest thing ever! Now our son (by the way did I say he owns the house? so he has a HUGE say in what we do) will walk out of his room and go “the fan is much quieter than the Glowforge one and I can’t smell a thing” — he will walk up to the unit and go “ok I can kinda smell something now, but that’s great!” — we turn off the GF fan and that inline duct fan kicks ahem ---- let’s just say it does an awesome job! No headaches for me and son is thrilled (will be really thrilled if I would buy a cabinet to hide everything we have sitting around). :slight_smile:

I need to have him give me everything he did so I can write it up and post it ---- he did a great job! This 8" inline duct fan really sucks ---- and in this case — in the very best of ways!


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