Which stencil font do you use?

The title is bigger than the message…


I’ve usually picked a font first which I liked for the project, then, if needed, turn it into a stencil font (using tabs,etc). Most of the generic stencil fonts look just like stencils (like those seen on sides of crates, where quick, multiple applications are needed). Not too difficult to use merging and croping in vector programs to make stencil fonts… Just my thought ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Search forum for stencil font, this has been covered elsewhere.


I’ve collected several since starting this :glowforge: thing. You can also make your own if there is a font you really like for a project, just add supports to anything that would fall out.


I like Berlin on occasion. Works as is if you have thicker material that will hold the structure together. You may need to tweak it a bit.