While i wait for my Glowforge this is what i am making



this is intended for cosplay it was printed at a 1/1 scale to fit my height (6’9") of the Guyver he will be painted to like like a cross from the anime and live action movie and i am getting pointers from the original director of the live action on what i can do to help this look like 100% the Glowforge will finish it off when i get to etch the lenses for the eyes for the helmet this took 2 moths to print and is 100% hallow with 0 infill and a wall thickness of about 1.6 average and took 70 parts cut into cubes and printed individually


Wow! That is one heck of a print job! :smiley:


yes indeed it only took 2 months of solid 12 hour prints with only 1 week off due to a con i had to go to and a commission that came up


That is Amazing! :grinning: Can’t wait to see it painted!


first comes the sanding and then cutting and forming new edges then the “suiting” (attaching it to myself ) then smoke unit placement voice box lenses then smoothing priming and finally painting lol i estimate it will be done by jan 1st


Wow! Crazy Amazing Project though! I am sure that I am not the only one that would love to spend tons of hours watching even just a part of the process you go through as you work on it. :grin:


Amazing job - can’t wait to see the progress that continues!! (how many meters of filament did it take?)


So want to see that when it’s finished!


Very impressive! How much filament does something like that take?

3D printing is full of challenges. I was printing a set of gargoyle post caps to be placed on our gate for Halloween. I have my new larger 3D printer very well calibrated now and the failure rate is quite low. I am however still driving it off a computer. Well, about 6hrs into the first print the OS decided it was time to install an update and restart.

This is next level for sure!


This is amazing. Looks like you definitely have your hands full for a bit while waiting. Excited to see how this turns out!


I never knew moths were such skilled crafts bugs. And I bet you just have to pay them in nectar! :grin:


You create such wonderful things! I love them all!!




@PlGHEADED - @chevalier_jeanpaul it took 10 - 1 kg rolls of filament

@cleetose i am aware that i am dyslexic you don’t have to rub it in.

thanks @andistarnes @rebecca @dan


Next year, Soul Taker.


i have no idea who that is


Decent anime that never caught on.


i will have to check that out


Holy $*¡+! That is so frikkin rad! Wow.
Can’t wait to see the final end result! Well done!


Oops, I assumed it was Guyver!

So… you can hang on the thing, that means it is obviously solid. It is also already the size of you.

How does this wind up going from statue to suit that you can move in? Lots of small joint spacings and some cloth connections?