While I(We) Wait

Thanks! Yes - I’m planning to use the GF for some of my cakes. I have some ideas such as: Display Stand, Wooden Toppers, Cookie Stamps/Cutters/, also cutting the structural foundation for some of the crazy cakes. :squeeee:


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I guess I’m outnumbered by bakers, I need to step my game up. However, I’m not a baker, with all this talk about Parchment Paper and cutting these circles I thought this would be the perfect project for the Pro Model. Get a roll of Parchment Paper, measure its width, arrange the circle cuts to optimize the material, and then you just keep sliding that paper on through cut after cut. (Input Cool Laser Emoji Here)


yes! #oneofus #oneofus

agree, though, it’s a surprisingly appealing idea, honestly.


Trying to take over the world with cakes and lasers! hahaha :squee:

Love your ideas though!


The plane looks like it’s hanging in Escher Hall. :wink:


Did this get its own thread in Made on a Glowforge, because this is huge (to me.) More so for jelly roll pans, but if it can do a circle it can do a rectangle.


Ummmmm…no…It’s just a circle :slight_smile:

Yes it can also do rectangles.

It’s more than a circle for those of us with no scissor ability, but who cook. Just the confirmation it cuts parchment paper is all we really need. The geometric shapes are taken for granted.

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That’s me. In the past we’d use a pan and an X-acto knife to cut it.

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What if you were to combine lasers and scissor cutting?

oh, nevermind.


Wish I would of known about this groundbreaking product before I bought the GlowForge, I mean did you see how easily it cut through that leather-like vinyl?!?!:astonished:

I’m going to add a laser pointed to my spoons so I can eat with that sort of ease and precision. I’ll use my GF to make the packaging for my revolutionary spoon when they go to production. I smell a KickStarter Campaign stewin…:stew: get it…?


I bought my wife an expensive guillotine with a laser line on it. It isn’t great because the line is a couple of mm wide and you want to cut card with more precision than that.


I appreciate the effort, but it still requires too much use of my hands. And straight lines are the one thing I’m okay at. Straight lines parallel with another line, now we’re back in the problem area.

I cut all my construction-paper valentine’s day cards using my guillotine, I didn’t splurge for the laser add-on. I sometimes question my entire existence because of it… I hope your wife appreciates that any laser, is better than no laser…

Sure parallel lines and cuts are good and what not, but I was always taught that mistakes add character and make my art more unique… afterwards I would receive my participation medal.


Maybe I’m older than you. We had shame, not participation medals.


You didn’t get participation medals?! Not even for thinking about participating?! Haha I guess the “Sarcasm” font I used didn’t go through.

I didn’t get any medals…not even for winning. Shame was my reward, it allowed for incurable self-loathing that constantly drives me to be better everyday to obtain an unobtainable ideal.
(Hopefully someone else also shares a darker sense of humor…)


More like I still have fifteen/twenty minutes to kill and couldn’t resist using shame in a post.[quote=“ryanjohnson430, post:38, topic:8344”]
I guess the “Sarcasm” font

Oh please don’t inject fonts into this. :scream:


Is the Sarcasm Font related to the classically elegant Comic Parchment?



My guillotine cutter has lots of lines to line up to…who needs a laser sight??