While waiting for my Glowforge to be delivered

…I’ve been doodling ideas down in my sketchbook, aptly named “The Big Book of Everything.”

These are the only 3 where the doodles came out not sucking (sketching is not a strong suit of mine). I’ve got other things that I’ve created digitally but am waiting to get my machine before I get too deep, just in case my files aren’t set up correctly. Next week is the delivery estimation - can hardly stand the wait!


Can’t wait to see them in real life! (You’re gonna be hooked.) :smile:


We are waiting for ours as well. We can’t wait!!!


While waiting to have the Glowforge to arrive, you can have Inkscape and Gimp right now and have anything you make ready to cut if you want to. It is really a good thing to come up to speed in those or other programs early.

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